RPB M11-A1


I bought this from a dealer who shall remain un-named [edited:  portion removed].  I have been told by another, un-involved dealer who offered me some advice that was worth far more than I paid for it, that old dealers who have been in this business remember the days that these MACs were $100.00 guns and people would do conversions without regard to the quality because they never thought they would be worth what they are today.  Anyway, this un-involved dealer has suggested that I give the seller additional time to resolve this issue.  I agree with his counsel.

Here is a brief list of the most obvious problems with the firearm: 

  1. Missing Extractor
  2. Frame bent- front to back
  3. Back of Frame/receiver bulged out- guide rod and bolt slammed into back of frame
  4. Screw holding upper to lower instead of proper pin
  5. Grip to Frame weld has holes in it and large gaps
  6. Barrel has large pliers marks
  7. Semi auto parts missing
  8. missing Safety
  9. Feed Ramp weld broken
  10. Rear of receiver-inside:  Gouged by ejector rod
  11. Ejector rod broken
  12. Receiver bowed in middle on both sides


And now for the show:

This is the photo that seller sent me.  When questioned, he stated that the gun was in serviceable condition and the frame was not bent.  It was "the way the picture was taken".








































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